Raspberry Pi touch display- All you need to know

At the 2012 in UK Raspberry Foundation has developed the single board computer Raspberry Pi. Since from the beginning still Raspberry Pi has developing. And now we can see there are so many products relating to the Raspberry. So Do you know about Raspberry Pi touch display? OK then here is the details related the product.

The Raspberry Pi touch display provide the ability to create all in one integrated projects like infotainment systems, Tablets and embedded projects. And the full color display is capable of the sensing with the ten fingers.

Main features

  • Raspberry Pi touch display includes range of educational software and Programs. So it is easy to learning and programming on Raspberry Pi
  • The newest software drivers support a virtual “on screen” keyboard. So users no need to connect extra keyboard and mouse to the Raspberry Pi touch display
  • Raspberry Pi touch display can use as touch screen tablet, infotainment system or standalone device
  • Within Raspberry Pi touch display you can make your own home automation device with touch screen ability. For that you can simply connect your Raspberry Pi, develop a python script to interact with the display and then you can create it

Full features of Raspberry Pi touch display

  • 7” Touch screen display with 194mm x 110mm x 20mm dimensions including stands off
  • Viewable screen size is 155mm x 86 mm and screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels
  • Using a ribbon cable connect to the DSI port to connects to the Raspberry Pi board
  • It has used Adaptor board to power the display and convert the parallel signals from the display to serial on Raspberry Pi
  • Touch with 10 fingers

Kit inclusion

Here the Raspberry Pi board and the Power supply are sold separately, so it is not included in the Kit inclusions. So the other parts are

  • 7” touch screen display
  • DSI Ribbon cable
  • 4 x jumper wires (This is used to connect adaptor for power, GPIO pins)
  • 4 x stands- offs and screws (To join the adapter board and Raspberry Pi board to the back of the display)

Raspberry Pi touch display preparing guide

As the first you need to sure that you have updated to the latest version of Raspbian before connecting to the screen. OK now ready to build the screen it is easy to proceed but you should keep the plastic cover on the screen during the construction.

  • Now as the begin connect the wide Ribbon cable to the downside of the display board. Here don’t force you need to pull slightly because they are easy to break
  • Then turn the board over and connect the small ribbon cable to the connector which is in top f the board
  • Now set the board to the board with four connectors

  • Then connect the white ribbon cable to the connector on board, with the blue mark on one side and towards the back of the screen
  • After that connect the four jumper wires to the 5V, GND, SCL and SDA pins on the display driver
  • Then mount the Raspberry Pi onto the four connectors with the screws and then connect the White ribbon to the display connector of the Pi
  • Now finally you need to power the screen and Pi. Here you need to use good power supply, and it would able to supply at least 2 amps
  • OK then switch on and watch how your Pi is work


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