Low Cost Variant- Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

Replacing the model “A” around November 2014, Raspberry Pi Model A + has introduced. It is called the low-cost variant of the Raspberry Pi Generation which is ideal for minimalist Pi users. And above Model A, A+ consumes application processor of BCM2835 together with 256 MB of RAM. But in size, it is notably smaller and needs less power for the operating.  So here we come with some interesting facts about Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ with all significant features it inherits.

Raspberry Pi 1

Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ Features

Compared to the features in Model B+, this newly updated Model A board does significantly more. Most notably, its less power consumption and attractive price point have made it hit more public together with a lighter and smaller effect. So B+ Model fans can get more cheer with the invent of new a Model upgrade which gives a considerable support to all Pi operating systems and software too. So let’s see what are the highlighting features of Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ in this quick note.

  • Grown GPIO- The GPIO header of the new Model A+ has developed to 40 pins while the pinout for the first 26 pins are followed as the Model A and B
  • Less Power consumption- Power consumption is a notable advancement in the new Mode A+ which is between 0.5W and 1W. This is an effective result of altered linear regulators
  • Micro SD port- The friction-fit SD card socket seen in previous Models have now replaced by a new Micro SD version. So this is again considered a nice change to the old setting
  • Improvements in audio- It inherits 4 pole Stereo outputs and Composite video port while supporting a better audio with low noise
  • Manageable size- Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ is comparatively smaller at  65mm x 56mm and comes with one USB port but with no ethernet jack

Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+

Addition to what above stated, you will find more favorable feature upgrades on the side of new Raspberry Pi 1. If you think you need more info, check out this quick video review.


Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ to Projects

As considered with the specifications, this upgrade in Model A is mostly recommended in embedded projects. And for more, it should be used for projects which consume less power and also need no Ethernet or multiple USB ports. In fact, it has no ethernet jack and inherits a single USB port. So you can manage fine projects with Model A+ which is greater in benefits compared to previous Models. But there could be some lag in certain conditions which make you switch to an even more modified Pi version now launched in the public.

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Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ is one of the cost-efficient options in all Raspberry Pi options. It costs around £18 and makes more attracts to the use. And with exactly the same Raspbian Install recommended to all other Pi models too, you can manage this upgraded A+ Model in an effective way.

Raspbian install

With my time with Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+, I think it can easily be the heart of more new projects. So give it a try for a power and cost effective project. And feel free to write us for any further clarifications.

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