Download Raspberry Pi image with Mac OS X

For the technology lovers now there is a small size mini computer with a reasonable price. Yes, this is mostly using the purpose of knowing the Computer language without any restrictions as like the normal PCs or Softwares. Yes, this has addressed a number of creative projects with countless ability in works.  If you are still not working with this, then you can simply download Raspberry Pi image for easy access to the Operating system. Well, then here is every thing about its installing procedure and other facts on your Mac OS. OK, then have a look on this quick round up.

Download Raspberry Pi image

Why you need Raspberry image

Actually to download the raspberry OS the most recommended way is installing via the NOOBS. But if you are advanced and able to install via an image is another way for you to install the OS. Of course, Raspberry image is a file format can download to the SD card and used to boot the device to the Raspbian Operating system.  Really, this is the easiest way the beginners to get started with raspberry.  Well, the official images are produced and released by the Raspbian Pi Foundation. and around 100000 of customers are waiting to use this image as considering this is the best support for them.   If you wish to know here are some of the available lists of Raspberry Pi images.

Rather than the official Raspberry image now the members are going ahead with the images. They have concerning to developing their own Raspberry Pi images based on other peoples needs. therefore, if you wish to know, here is a list of some unofficial Raspberry images.

  • Adafruit Raspberry Pi Educational Linux Distro
  • CNXSoft minimal image
  • Dark Basic image
  • Raspbian Hexxeh image
  • Raspbian Pisces image
  • Raspbian Pisces+MATE image
  • Raspbian RaspRazor image

Download Rasperry Pi image

Download Raspberry Pi image

At the beginning, you need to download the correct image for your Operating system. To download the official Raspberry image you can simply visit the Official Raspberry web site and easily download it. As well as you can have the image from the third party distributors too.  Yes, the image always comes with the Zip file format. therefore you need to extract/Unzip the image before starting the installing guide.

Installing guide

Well if you are fresher to the Raspberry, then don’t bother you can simply use the images to run up your Raspberry device simply. Yes, you can install the image via your windows, Mac OS X (Macintosh), or Linux running PCs. But here this guide is only limited for the Mac OS users. within the Mac OS X, you can use the built-in graphical and command line methods. So, in here I have chosen the most used graphical tool image writer for a successful installing guide.

  • Connect the SD card reader with the SD card inside and it must be formatted as FAT32
  • Go to your apple menu and then go to “About this Mac’ and then move to the “more info” ( If you are with Mac OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion Or newest version) after that click for “System report”
  • Click on “USB” or “Card Reader” ( if you are installing a built-in SD card reader) seek for your SD card in the top right section of the window.
  • Now go through it and search for the BSD name. It is in the bottom right section looks like “disk (number)”
  • To allowed overwrite on the disk, unmount the partition. (In some occasions it will be required you to verify disk before unmounting which will give you the BSD name as like /dev/disk1s1). And keep in mind to unmount open disk utility and then unmount it. Don’t eject, if you do so, you need to reconnect again.
  • Now, run the command from the terminal (replace the “n” with the previous note number)

Download Rasperry Pi image

Well, it is better to study each and every step before goes through the process to have clear idea on each and every step. And to have more facts on raspberry you can stay tuned with us.

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